~ Private Training Programs ~


Private training is great for owners with busy schedules or for dogs that may not be ready to work in a group setting. Sessions are held in your home, at Here, Doggy! daycare, at the park, or wherever else is convenient for you. Private sessions are formatted to fit specific goals you may have for your dog. Packages range between 4 and 9 sessions, depending on the program you choose. Each session lasts approximately one hour.

Initial Training Consultation

1 Hour to 1 Hour & 30mins / $160


Consultations are required to meet the dog, family, and environment to accurately assess the needs, issues, and personalize the training. Usually lasting for an hour and a half with some commands introduced, gives you a chance to see if you like our training style and want to move forward with training.


You must set up a consult before you select any of the private training options, this is to ensure which one is right for you and your dog. 



Additional Fees May Apply

Additional dog $100

Aggressive dog $40


*Additional fees may apply for travel outside our service area.



 Private Training
$100 Per Hour




For dogs ages:  2 Months - 8 Months


For dogs ages: 8 Months - Up+ 



Any Age


Throughout your dog's life, they will learn behaviors that are not always appropriate to us. You want your dog to understand our world, but we also must understand theirs.

The most common behavioral issues include the following:


• Jumping on Anything and Everyone
• Resource Guarding
• Excessive Barking / Barking in the House
• Under Socialization
• Separation or Isolation Anxiety
• Leash Reactivity
• People / Dog Aggression
• Fear Aggression

Please note: Set up a consultation immediately if you are experiencing a dog who is resource guarding and attacking, leash reactive, or dog/people aggressive. The sooner you work on these issues, the better. 


Prices Varies
Includes 1 FREE Follow Up Session

Photos by: Kiana Anderberg, & Jada Wyatt

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