Emergency Programs

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    During this hard time of the Corona Virus Shutdown. Coach Canine wants to help and be there for their clients . We have created a system that will help you stay safe and healthy while getting the training your dog needs. Please see below for more details.


Since we are using remote (virtual) instead of training in person, we have decided to throw in a special discounts. We got you!


Remote Consultations: 

Remote Consultations gives our clients a chance to see if they like our training style and want to move forward with training online. It also allows Coach Canine to accurately see the needs, issues, and personalize the training.

Usually lasting 1 hour with some commands introduced.


Online Price: $40 

 Programs Listed Below Will Be 1 Hour - 1 Hour and a Half Sessions 


Private Training (1 Session)

Online Price: $45 


Puppy Program (5 Sessions)

Online Price: $125 


Basic Obedience Program (6 Sessions)

Online Price: $155 


All payments will be made through Venmo (@JadaWyatt), PayPal (coachcanine@outlook.com), or Square (link provided). 



Each program will be by Remote (Virtual). Whether you choose to have someone record you or if you simply want to set your phone up against something solid like a mug. Our trainer will have a dog to show you how it is done and will provide you with valuable instructions during your session. In addition, these programs will also come with homework so that you can practice, practice, practice.



Facetime (iphone) - Skype - Zoom - Duo - Instagram

If you do not know how to set up we will send you a tutorial on how to set the app up.

Photos by: Kiana Anderberg, & Jada Wyatt

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